Information Security

The corporate vision of TREASURY, Inc. (“We”, “our”, “the Company”) is to respond to the changing economic environment and provide a safe future for all persons connected to it.

In order to realize this vision, the compliance with corporate morals related to information security and protection of customers’ information assets and the Company’s management resources from threats is very important.

We will establish an information security management system, resolve these issues through continuous improvement, and bolster the foundation of our security through the provision and promotion of the following “Basic Policy on Information Security”.

Scope of Application

Development, operation and maintenance of Great Sign

Legal Compliance

We observe laws and ordinances related to information security, other norms and guidelines as well as contractual security requirements.。

Protection of Information Assets

In order to preserve the confidentiality, integrity and availability of all information assets in our possession, we will implement measures to identify risks and discern threats and vulnerabilities.

Implementation of Education and Training

Through implementation of necessary information security education for our executives and employees, we are able to advance the improvement of literacy and awareness of this policy as well as various regulations.

Policy on Incident Occurrence

We are working hard to prevent information security incidents such as the divulsion, loss, damage, and fraud of our information assets, however, in the unlikely event that such an incident occurs, we will take measures for the prevention of further occurrence, and promptly disclose any necessary information together with minimizing the damage as much as possible.

Response to a Changing Environment

We will respond flexibly to changes in the business domain, information assets handled, changes in information technology, review the rules and structure of our information security and strive to improve continuously.

Enacted 2020/01/07
Revised 2020/03/23

Representative Director Seiji Yamashita